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Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Totally Rad Family

i have a pretty awesome family. 
i mean...they are crazy. loyal. sweet. and are also very good at putting up with MY craziness! 
and that is really saying something! ha!

 i have a sweet friend who is a high school senior this year and has started to get into photography. i thought we could do a little mentoring sesh with my family as the subjects! pretty cool, right? so we went to my tried and true location the milk room and we had a little mini session. 

so grateful. i mean...really grateful that God has blessed me with an incredible husband and 2 amazing boys. thank you bonnie, for putting up with us, and for being willing to take some pictures for us! i hope you can retain some of my ramblings!
 now i guess i should probably go and make them some dinner!


  1. Anonymous6:15 PM

    LOVE these - I mean - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, - all of them! But especially the last one! My christmas presesnt????!!!! : )

  2. I lovvvvvve these!!!! Every single thing about every single one of them!!!!!!!! Such a beautiful family:)


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