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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

life lessons with legos

sometimes you just need to take a break from learning your multiplication tables and history timeline because as important as it is to know those things... they won't really matter much if you can't figure out how to have self control and how to get along with people!
so today. we took a little diversion from technical "school" and learned a simple life lesson.
(i got some help with my favorite parenting books plants grown up and for instruction in righteousness)
legos is always a good way to make things a little more fun, and helps to picture things that the Bible is teaching us.
we did a study on the causes of contention and strife. 
we also read about people in the Bible who made good choices with this, and also bad choices - and what the outcome was. 
we read about how only by pride comes contention. how a soft answer turns away wrath, and how only a fool will show his anger and annoyance at once.
then we read in Mark 3:25 if a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand. 
so we built a house. 
then we divided it by taking the top off, demonstrating a family fighting against each other. 
then we watched it fall! 
might not seem like that big of a demonstration. but i want my boys to learn that they are choosing to let our family fall apart by arguments that aren't even important. 
don't worry. i get this. it's not just them!
i am doing the exact same thing myself if i choose to be irritated with my husband, or if i choose to get annoyed with my boys.
when i see it as tearing my home apart? kind of makes the fact that there are dirty socks on the floor and not in the hamper...not such a big deal anymore.

so for today at least. we are working on being slow to speak, quick to listen, slow to become angry.
and we are thinking a little bit more about what we choose to argue about.
 see? you can pretty much learn to teach with anything!

 next week's lesson will hopefully be something about chocolate :)

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  1. :) this is perfect. Loved the pictures and illustrations. Such a great reminder. Yes, definitely have next weeks lesson be about chocolate. There's got to be something!!!


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