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Saturday, December 29, 2012

snow boys

we just got our first REAL snow this week! my boys were excited beyond belief!
i have such a hard time remembering to take pictures of my own kids just enjoying life!

 there's seriously something about snow that i just love. there are a few things about it that i hate too. (although i do love shoveling!) it is beautiful and clean. and it makes you want to play!
the boys were so cute running around, tackling each other, dodging snowballs (from me) and laughing.

 i love hearing them laugh.
everything about these boys brings more joy to me than i can ever even say. 
i am smiling right now while i'm typing!!
thankful for the snow.
thankful for their new boots.
thankful for my family.
so so thankful today.


  1. Beautiful boys and great pics!
    Thanks for the post!


  2. I agree!! Beautiful boys and pictures. Looks like snow much fun;) if only it snowed this much a day before we left!! Love looking through these.


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