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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

why small white lights affect my feelings

seriously. why is it, that when i walk into the living room, and see the little white lights on the christmas tree 
- i start to feel peaceful. content. happy.
say what? they are lights! and not even colors! just plain, old, white lights. 
come on. admit it. you feel the same way, right? 
i think it is so strange the way different things impact us. and even though it might seem totally crazy. seeing lights, ornaments and a tree really does affect my mood. 

in case you were thinking i was now going to delve into the actual reason behind lights and how they affect our neurological system, which in turn affects our feelings. 
i'm not. sorry for the let down. i just think it's funny. 
and i am thankful for the silly little things that can make me feel happy. 
it takes away from the other things that can make me feel sad. 
so tonight, i plan to sit in front of the tree. with my family. and a cup of coffee. 
and just. feel. happy.

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  1. Love this!! And totally agree about the white lights thing!!!!! Soo true:) nothing like sitting in front of the lot Christmas tree. Definitely cozy, and definitely makes you feel happy!


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