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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

My getting-stuff-done-day

I like professional wording.
Ya know, the fancy titles. The acrostics. All that jazz.

So when I decided to try and find a way to describe what I wanted certain days to look like, I dug deep.
And what I came up with was this.
Wednesday shall be my getting-stuff-done-day. And so it shall ever be.
Fancy, right? ha!

See...I have this problem.
A lot of times I sit through a church service. And I'm still. And I'm listening and learning.
And I have all these plans of what I need to do.
Then Monday comes, and I totally blow it.
I sleep through my alarm (Adam's personal favorite...when I hit the snooze button 346 times)
And I get off to a rough start, and then it totally blows the rest of my week.
So then I feel like I have to wait alllll the way until next Monday to start over again!!

So I thought I would just give myself a break.
Cut myself a little slack.

If I make Wednesday my getting-stuff-done-day? It gives me time to get there.
It gives me time to make my lists, to get part way through the week, and to just plain and simply
make it.

So tomorrow is my big day.
I have a notebook full of lists and I will absolutely get stuff done.
Because I have dubbed it so, and so it shall be.

You wanna make tomorrow your getting-stuff-done-day too?
It has a nice ring to it, don't ya think?
I mean, I can see this going places, people!
I am already looking into getting the t-shirt, the notebook and claiming the hashtag!

Wednesday is gonna be a great day.
Let's get stuff done.

We got this.

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