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Saturday, May 26, 2012

AJ's Piano Recital

i love playing the piano.
it makes me happy, it relaxes me, it calms me and i just love everything about it.
i am so thankful that my mom started teaching me when i was young!

aj started taking lessons from my mom...the master pianist...2 years ago i think.
he is a natural.
he really enjoys playing and i love hearing him play!

he had his end of the year recital saturday and did amazing!
i am so proud of him.
i could watch this video over and over.
he looks so grown up. and it shows his personality.
cool, calm, collected. sweet and confident.
i love this boy.


  1. This is amazing!!!!!! Awesome job aje!!!! You did so good!! Wish I could've been there.....but glad I got to see it on here. Callen liked watching this too. He kept smiling:) we love you aj!!

  2. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Wonderfully talented young man! So proud of him!!! Love you AJ!!!!


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