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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

plain and simple

sometimes i have to admit, that i kind of miss the days when i would just snap pictures of my boys in our everyday life. upload them to the computer, and straight to the blog.

no photoshop, no editing, no diptychs, no fancy collages, no STRESS!
so today, i am just putting a bunch of the pictures that i have had kicking around.
i haven't fixed the noise, i haven't done anything fancy.
it's just my boys, and my life.

aj LOVES to cook and bake...he asked for a chef's hat for his birthday...isn't he so cute?

um, riley enjoyed helping too!! ha!

and have i talked about my new obsession yet?
ahhhhh...i am in love with canvases!!

1 comment:

  1. lovvvve these!!! :) love aj in his cooking hat!! :) and ry eating the batter. and LOVE your canvases!!! i love where you put them too!!!! 100% love.


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