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Thursday, May 31, 2012

determining value - the life of a single mom

there are obvious ways that we can determine the value of certain things.
we can appraise a house, or an antique to find out its worth.
we can tell nutritional value of things by looking at the labels.
but how do we determine the value of a life?
it is pretty clear that people generally place value on someone based on their visible achievements.
i have read a lot of blogs ranting and raving about people who have accomplished a big name in photography, who have managed to land high-paying jobs, or people who have started ministries that are flourishing.
obviously, none of these things are bad.
it's great when people can achieve their bhags..not knocking that.

but i just want to take a second to think about what God looks at as valuable.
sometimes...i get tired with the things that i spend my time doing.
some days i spend my time with sometimes unthankful, difficult kids during the week... and it can get tiring.
i can catch myself thinking that God should be blessing me because i am doing these works.
but see...that's not how it works at all.
the Bible calls my righteousness "filthy rags". that means that no matter how many nice things i do, no matter how kind i can be to people who don't deserve it...this is not what God is looking for at all!
God is looking for me to walk a holy life before Him..why? so i can bring Him glory.
that is why i was created in the first place!
to bring God glory.
so if that is what God looks at as valuable, i want to talk about some people that may not have achieved a famous name, or a large amount of money...
but are incredibly valuable.

the single moms.

i'm not sure why, but i have a huge heart for single moms who are living their lives to please God.
maybe it's because one of my best friends was a single mom for years.  i saw the difficult things that she had to go through: trying to work 2 jobs, be the mom, the dad and the provider... and everything else.
there was little thanks for it.
she wasn't having blogs written about her, she wasn't getting any awards.
and i hurt for her.
i prayed for her.
and i prayed a man right into her life :)

i have a couple of girlfriends right now who are doing the same.
they have found themselves in a position that they would not have necessarily chosen. they did not choose to walk away from a marriage because they were sick of fighting, or because they were bored with their relationships.
but here they are. working hard to raise their kids the way God would want.
they are bringing their kids to church...faithfully.
they are praying for them, and training them to be godly men and women of God.
and that, my friend is what i call valuable.
that is what i call blog-worthy, and award-worthy.
so maybe they aren't seeing their names in lights right now.
but let me just tell you what..i think that we should be praising and ranting and raving about women (and men) who are living their lives - not for themselves, but to bring honor to God.
and so for what it's worth...which is not a whole lot.
i am praying for you.
for you single moms out there who are surrounding yourself with other godly people to help influence you and your kids.
for you who are living every single day with your goal being - how can i please God today.
ok...maybe not every single day. i mean, come on! it's a hard job parenting when you do have a husband.
not to mention when you don't!
and i will continue to pray for you.
and for you single moms (and anyone for that matter!!) who are not getting this whole living-life-to-please-God thing?
please ask me about it.
i promise you that it is one decision i have never ever regretted.
and i would be honored to talk to you more about it!

because i promise you that living life with God at the center is the happiest, most satisfying life there could ever be.

so to my girlfriends? keep holding on!!
don't give up and don't give in!
keep doing what you are doing.
God sees you... and you are VALUABLE!
(Matthew 10:31)


  1. sherrie8:16 PM

    all i can say is wow! you think i am valuable? little ole me who feels like a nobody even on my good days. many days i let my depression take over and it's all i can do to get outta bed. you think i'm valuable??? wow, it's awesome that you think that. it's even more amazing that you reminded me that the God of the universe thinks i am too. you are such a blessing to me!

  2. This was amazing!! I missed reading your blogs and thoughts all week!!! Another encouraging post from my valuable sister:)


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