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Friday, May 04, 2012

love is not a feeling, it's an action!

it seems sometimes like fewer and fewer people are staying committed...to anything.
my goal is not to spout off or complain about people who choose to be uncommitted.
here's where i want to go with this.

i am so incredibly thankful for a husband who takes commitment seriously.
before you roll your eyes and say...puuleeeeezzzz...just hold on a minute.
i also am finding more and more blogs of women who are willing to throw their husbands under the bus.
sometimes it's blatant, and sometimes it's under this guise...

i just want to encourage others by showing them that it's perfectly normal for marriages to be struggling and for their husbands to be hard to get along with - you are not alone!!

here's where i have a problem with that.
of course i want to encourage other wives too!
but what kind of encouraging does it do to tell other wives that my husband is being selfish and rude and hard to get along with -JUST LIKE YOURS??!?!?!
maybe the kind of encouragement should be this reminder.

love is not a feeling, it's an action!

say what?
yep! so those times when i am frustrated with my husband? i should be encouraging you...not by telling you you're not alone, but by intentionally focusing on all of his good qualities. by working extra hard to serve him more.
i'm not saying it's always easy to do that. 
i am naturally a very selfish person. believe me. i want my way a lot.
but i am also able to use the power of God to take those selfish feelings and actively show love!

so that is where i would rather take this blog.

after saying that...i am actually not having any problems with adam tonight...i just want to show my appreciation for the kind of person he is!

back to my first sentence.
it is hard to find commitment.
but adam?
he is totally committed.

he is committed to his ministries. when people don't show up? he takes their place. 
he is always there. always. it's not even an option to back out for him. he never misses anything.

he is committed to his job. always has been. i can remember so many days when he was not feeling good, and i would beg him to stay home. but it wasn't an option. he would still get up early and go.

he is committed to his kids. he would do anything for those boys, and he plays with them - just like he is a kid! he gives up things that he would want, so they can have what they would want.

he is committed to his marriage. i have literally not ever once been afraid that he would leave me. ever.
that's not to say that we haven't had any rough times, but divorce is never ever spoken in this house as an option. it's just not going to happen.

he is committed to his God. he reads his Bible every day. never misses. he puts his relationship with God first. and he is an amazing example to me in that sense.

sometimes i have to admit that i almost take his commitment for granted. i just assume that he will be a man of his word. because he is.
but then i am reminded of how thankful i am for that when i see lack of commitment around me. 
he doesn't complain when other people don't show up and he fills in...he just does it.

and i am thankful.

so my challenge to you? 
when you are tempted to complain and gripe about your husband. (or anyone for that matter!)
when you want someone else to sit in a big mud puddle with you and compare stories?
just stop.
stop and remember that 
love is an action. not a feeling.

and show love even when you don't feel like it.

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  1. i loved this!!! thank you for sharing all of this! such a good reminder.


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