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Friday, May 25, 2012

Rachelle Chase I Newborn Photographer Malden, Massachusetts

i always get a little giddy when i get a request for a newborn shoot!
there is just something about a brand new baby...especially when it is the first for a couple!
i loved seeing how calm, relaxed and totally smitten the mommy and daddy were over their new baby boy!
*side note...baby liam's grandfather happens to be the person who gave me my first ultrasound of my first baby!
i remember it so clearly...adam was running late, and dr. whitten said he was going to tell him that we were having twins!! ha! he actually didn't, but it was a funny thought!

liam was a little charmer. and smiled more than any newborn i have ever had!

he was wide awake for the first half hour or so and looked like he just wanted to play!

he finally fell asleep.
and was perfect. just perfect.

ted and erin...i can totally see why you are so smitten.

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  1. LOVE. What an adorable baby boy. Love all the moments you captured!!!


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