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Thursday, February 07, 2013

10 years ago today...

10 years ago today...
i was totally smitten.
amazed by the feelings of love i was having for another baby boy.

hard to believe that it's been so long.
i can hardly even remember those days...filled with diapers, formula, crying and no sleep!!

and here i am. ten years later.
feeling exactly the same way.
totally in love.

God gave me this little bundle of energy.
this little boy whose personality is frighteningly like his momma's.
this little boy who is hilarious and makes me laugh without even trying.
he is sweet and sensitive, but strong and confident.
he is a lover of all things legos...and western.
he is an amazing singer.
he is a thinker. a deep thinker.
he hates shopping.
he loves to draw and he loves to collect rocks and minerals.
he has big blue eyes and a mischievous sparkle in them all the time.
he is super fast and i love to watch him on the basketball court and on the soccer field.
he is solid. i mean seriously, this kid is so muscular.
if you know him...you love him.
he is amazing.

and i am so thankful that God decided to bless our family with him.
i pray every day that God will help him to be a leader.
that he will be used to do great things in his life. and i know that he will.

happy birthday to my sweet boy who i will always call my baby.
riley joel. i love you more than i could ever say.

 i know these pictures are terrible and i don't even have a scanner! i had to take pictures of pictures and upload them! argh...


  1. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Ry is an incredible young man!! So proud of him and love him dearly. Nanna

  2. Happy Birthday, Ry! We are so proud of the man of God has you have become... you have incredibly faithful parents! We wish we lived closer to have more of those deep conversations! We love you!


    PS I can't get over how much Ry and our Caleb look alike!

  3. This made me tear up. You are right, whoever knows him loves him! He is that kind of boy. So thankful to be his aunt. Loved looking through all those pictures!!!!! Such great times and memories. Happy 10th birthday!!! Xoxo

  4. Aww...so sweet! This took me back.... was so in love with him! Adorable baby!


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