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Monday, February 25, 2013

nobody needs a facebook app

i said it.

nobody needs a facebook app!

ok. here are my thoughts behind that.
i found this verse that is exactly what i needed this week.

it goes a little something like this:

i HATE vain thoughts, but your law i love

what are vain thoughts?

she said what??

he just did that?

that is so not who they really are!

was she referring to me?

and so on and so forth.

you getting my drift?

look. facebook has no doubt destroyed many a marriage, friendship, life.
people put whatever they want, and really don't even have to think twice before hitting post.
it takes virtually no thinking at all.
which is exactly the opposite of how we are supposed to be living.

and while facebook can be used to encourage (and it has done that for me many times)
it can also be used to hurt. (which it has also done for me.)

i'm not a fan of de-friending people. i think it is the "grown up" version of
you are not invited to my birthday party

so instead, i get to see all kinds of things that my already sensitive and deceitful heart
does not need to handle.

and not only do i go on facebook on my laptop...i mean why not bring it to my phone?
that way, i can look at all this stuff every second of every passing day. you know...while waiting in line at starbucks, while stopping at a stop light, while sitting on the couch watching tv.
i need that right? wrong.
facebook does not do me any favors.

that is why.
aint nobody be needing a facebook app.

so if you are finding yourself having some vain thoughts during the day, why don't you take action.
it's super easy.
you just hold the facebook app down for a couple seconds.
click on the little x that comes up.
and that's it!
it's gone.

and you are giving yourself a chance to think about a bible verse during that line in starbucks.
you give yourself the opportunity to pray while you wait at a stop light.
to be a dreamer and be thinking of ways you can help people while you're doing everything else.

go on.
just do it.
i really don't think you'll regret it!

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