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Thursday, February 14, 2013

classical conversations...latin and all

so most of you know my feelings about your typical homeschooler.
you know that i hate the sterio-type that goes along with homeschooling.
and you know that i think latin is something people just talk about to non-homeschoolers to make them feel cool.

all that's out of the way.

this past summer, you honestly couldn't say the word homeschooling without me starting to hyperventilate.
i'm not even lying.
i just don't love the teaching, organizing, scheduling part of it all.
if i could just hang out with my boys all the day long, i would love that.
but legally, i don't think i really can.

but when my sister started trying to talk me into classical conversations, i thought...oh NO ya don't!
i will not be that latin teaching, jumper wearing homeschooler.

but since i didn't feel like i had many options, i decided to go to an informational meeting.
i was surprised to find out that the moms there looked...well...normal!
so because i was so desperate, and as a last ditch effort to try this homeschooling thing.
i signed up.
it would involve driving 40 minutes to the campus one day a week.
but i needed a change. and i thought it would be worth it.

and now that i have done it, i can't imagine if i hadn't.
my kids are learning more than i ever thought possible, even if some of it is even latin. but i don't really feel any cooler.
they are doing a presentation in front of their class every week, and i have loved watching them get more and more comfortable with that!
they have memorized a ton of information and it honestly amazes me!

so basically? classical conversations saved my life.
no. for real.
i can't even imagine if i was going through another february just trying to hold on to the end of the year!
so thankful for everything that the boys have learned, and the friendships we have made.
another really awesome part of all this, is that the boys' cousins are learning the exact same stuff in connecticut!
sometimes we make them recite their long history sentences or all their math and science facts.
just for fun!

so...if you're not sure you can handle another school year...why not check out cc?
it might save your life too!


  1. Soo thankful for this!!! I'm so glad cc has been so great and such a saver!!! Keep up the great work.

  2. We are a CC Family too.... I tutor the young ones it is great!


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