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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Riley's Wild West Birthday Party

riley is totally into the show wild wild west  he also loves the rifleman
he decided that he wanted to have that be his theme for his party this year.

i'm pretty sure he was the most excited about all the little details of old fashioned milk bottles,

 crates, and...oh wait. he couldn't care less about that.

i guess that was me. ha!
we all know that when mom's go crazy with themes and decorating it is CLEARLY for their blogs and not their kids..i mean, come on now.
i am the first to admit it.

but anyways, he really was excited about his cake, and the cowboy hats and the knock-the-tin-can game.

and about the fact that most of his cousins were coming to celebrate!

we had his party at the porch and he couldn't have been happier.
my  mom set up a little candy hunt game, and they played knock-the-tin-can with nerf guns

i set up a little photo booth, and it was pretty fun watching everyone get into that!
(i got the free templates for the props here )

so thankful for everyone who came and helped riley feel so special.


  1. Anonymous12:37 PM

    What a fun theme! Great to see fun was had by all! Love, nanna

  2. Best blog post ever!!!:) such a fun party. And LOVED all the details!!!! Amazing job with this. Love looking at all the pictures!!!! Can't look through them enough. Cal loved looking through them too, and naming everybody:) love it!!!!


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