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Thursday, February 21, 2013

making a list with making a list on it.

please tell me i am not the only person who does not make lists.
i mean...i want to.
i know i need to.
i can't tell you how many things need to be on my list.
why, oh why have i not started yet?

my mind is forever filled and overflowing with things i need to get done.
from homeschooling, to my business, to the porch to different relationships, to a MILLION other things.

i recently went to a photography workshop where my sweet and amazing friend and photographer deborah talked about getting legal pads and just filling them up with to do lists.

i need to put that on a list.

so i thought that if i post it here, maybe it will motivate me to actually buy those legal pads and start making my lists.

so tomorrow is my go-buy-legal-pads-for-my-lists day.

i sure hope i remember to do that! :)

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