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Friday, February 21, 2014

As real as it gets ~ When you can't photoshop your life

Let's be real here.
I can photoshop anything before I post it to Facebook, my blog, or my website.
I can make the dishes on the counter disappear, I can make the paint look perfectly smooth and let's not even get started on what I can do to make my body look better!

But. I can't photoshop my life.
And that's just the problem these days.
All the things I see pinned and posted are not necessarily real.

So today.
If you had stopped by my house this is what you would have seen

That is what my floors look like without photoshop. The pizza box on the table is from last week, and the winter clothes are from when I went outside to play in the snow with the boys...yesterday.
That is what the dining room table looks like on a daily basis. And that would be on a good day!

 This is AJ not doing school...

and Riley not doing school.

It's life my friends.
Real. stinking. life.

And I guarantee that many of you have kitchens, and dining rooms that look the same.
So tonight.
I'm keeping it as real as it gets.

You can't photoshop your life.
So you might as well take a picture of it to remember it by, right?
Happy Friday everyone...hope you have a relaxing, enjoyable night!

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