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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm a skimmer

I'm a skimmer.
Ugh. Sometimes I hate that about myself.
It's ironic, really, that someone who can talk and ramble so ever-loving long is herself a skimmer.
There's gotta be an analogy in there somewhere.

I have gotten myself in trouble with my skimming on more than one occasion.
Although it did come in handy for many English assignments in college.
Well, that and the sweet cards I sent my professor, with my only motive being to express my appreciation for all his tedious, hard work, and the way he poured his life into his work.               *cough-please-give-me-an-Acough*

But I am afraid that the rest of my life becomes far too easy to skim over.
I have found myself lately being the first one to release from the hugs of my taller-than-me boy.
I have found myself hurrying through monopoly with Riley to move on to the next pressing thing.
I have found myself planning dinner while I am reading my Bible without even realizing it.

Those are not things I want to be skimming through.
Really, I shouldn't want to be skimming through any part of my life.
Between reading and studying the book of Exodus, and then going through Judges, James and Psalms in FBI, I realize how much of my life I have no control over.
Then at the same time, I have complete control over how I handle every area of my life.

I know.  I know I'm not the first person to ever talk about this.
I've read all the big time bloggers posts that read like a deep, philosophical thesaurus.
Sometimes, I feel like it just makes my sin look dignified and fancy.

I sometimes have to re-read it 12 times because I can't picture a person sitting down over a cup of coffee with me and actually speaking like that!
If you aren't throwing in a "dude" or "yo" or "ain't nobody got time for that" or at least a joke every once in a while, you may very well have lost me altogether!

Give it to me straight.

If I know the good I should do, and don't do it? It is sin, according to James 4:17.

I love how that verse is there, because it gets rid of any lists of rules and excuses.
It gets rid of the "out" that I feel like I am sometimes trying to find.

If I know I should be hugging AJ a little longer, and telling him how special he is to me, and then I don't do it?
It is sin...for me. Not for you.
Couldn't possibly be.
Some of you reading this may not even have children, so of course that doesn't apply to you.

But sometimes I am allowing things in my life to be off centered, and selfish!
And the fact that there is not a specific verse that says "Thou shalt play monopoly for 6 hours a week" does not get me off the hook if I am pushing off spending more time with my son.                              (but seriously. Monopoly?! Why does it have to be so long? haha!)

Do you get what I'm saying?
With so many voices out there saying so many different things I feel like

I need to just get back to the basics.

I mean like the literal. beginner. 1+1=2 basics.

Am I spending time with God?
Am I putting my family as a priority?
If I took all the minutes I was spending on social media, or tv, or reading and put those minutes into playing games with my kids. Or writing letters to people from my town who are discouraged. Or simply praying more...

Would my life be different?
Of course it would.

But then I realize I am skimming.
I am skimming through my Bible reading.
I am skimming through my dinner preparation.
I am skimming through my friendships.
I am skimming through my relationships with my family.

I am just skimming.

And the result of what I get from that is totally. my. loss.

I am the one who misses out from those long hugs.
I am the one who misses out from the giggles and fun of playing games with my kids.
I am the one who misses out on the blessings that God will give me when I put others first.

So. The next time you find yourself rushing through something...

Just remind yourself of what your losses will be because of that choice.

Choose to take a little more time.
A little more time to focus on what is really important.
Ya know what I mean, yo?

And this picture is just because it is snowing. Again. And I wanted to be reminded of
1. how fast time goes by.
2. beach days will be here soon!

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  1. This is so perfect. Thank you so much. I seriously need a print out book of your posts.


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