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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Waiting an hour to move an air conditioner

My notebook is filled to the brim.
It is broken into different categories, because my life is a giant mess of totally different departments that do not in any way mesh together.

There are times when I stop and think...what can I eliminate?
What in my life am I able to take out?
And the answer?

The four biggest categories in my notebook are:
My writing.

It's actually annoying to even glance up at that little tiny list of a few words, because it does not even come close to showing what all of it entails.
It's like when you stub your toe so hard, and there's not even a mark to get any sympathy for it! 

I could literally spend hours a day on any one of the categories I listed, and those are only the biggest categories...there are many other categories as well.
(and yes, I know that I just used categories three times in one sentence. I never claimed to be a perfectionist or a grammar fanatic.)

So what is my point?
I know. We all have busy crazy lives.
We all have different categories.
We all have different roles.

I guess my point is that I need to collaborate with more people.
Stop trying to be a one-man-show.
And I think I am probably right when I say that you may have to do the same thing.

Two are better than one.
Iron sharpens iron.
Stir one another up to love and good works.
These are just a few verses in the Bible that remind us how working together is the best!

This is why I am so excited about ways that I am starting to get better at this.
It is so not a good quality to have, where you think you can just do everything yourself.
Honestly, I fall back on that a lot.
If something needs to get done, I just do it.
I don't ask for help, I just try and figure it out.
Could explain all the back problems I have! ha!

This is me: Well Adam, you weren't going to be home for another hour, and I really wanted all the air conditioners out of the windows. So..I just took them all out and brought them down to the basement by myself. No big deal.

Seriously. That's how I live my life.
I blame it on the "Townsend" in me. Thanks mom. ha!

My point.
Things may get done. But they will not get done as well as they could if I decided to delegate.
To collaborate.
To network.

Do you see where I'm going with this?

We are better together!

I hate that I don't just get that automatically!
I hate that I can't just wait the one hour, and have Adam take the air conditioners out of the windows!

So together... I have some plans coming up.
A better website for Epping Lighthouse - Thank you Carla
A written Bible Study - Thank you Crystal
A community service project - Thank you Anna

And it's just better.
Better working together.

What do you have to delegate?
Maybe you need to just stop thinking you can do everything by yourself.
And maybe you really, truly can do everything by yourself?
But think how much better it will be if you work with other people!

I think a big, huge, stupid, deceitful plan satan has, is to get us thinking we are all alone.
Sadly, we fall for it a lot.
But guess what?

We are not alone.

We are better together, and we need to start acting like that.
So I will try to wait an hour to move an air conditioner.
I will try to take some of the burdens I have been carrying by myself and include others in my life.
I will try dreaming with other people who have the same desires and passions I do.

You should try it too.

And although these pictures have nothing to do with this post, but because I think everyone in the world should see how adorable my nieces are, here is Emmi (shot in 2012) and Maelyn (shot this weekend).
You're welcome.

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  1. Yes! That Townsend in us that makes us do everything now. So much easier than waiting:) but yes two are better than one, so waiting might be a good discipline. :). Oohhh and those sweet baby girls?? Oh my! Love!


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