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Friday, February 07, 2014

Seven pounds two ounces

I can not believe that it was 11 years ago today that I was holding my precious, black haired newborn baby boy.

This boy.
He has made this family complete.
He has always been mischievous. 
And his absolutely adorable little voice and sweet face has kept him out of a lot of trouble!

little boy sick of shopping from ajchase1 on GodTube.

He makes me smile.
He makes everyone laugh.
He has been to 3 different countries on missions trips

He has broken his collar bone
Gotten severe burns on his little fingers
I could literally sit here all day long and list the things that I love about this boy.
He is so sweet and caring, but very straightforward and direct.
He can talk his way out of anything.
 He is crazy athletic

He loves and adores his big brother
He would rather spend time with his cousins and aunts and uncles more than anyone else

He is sensitive to the needs of others
He reads his Bible every morning, and his wisdom can blow my mind.
He is a big dreamer and has already started talking about ministry ideas he has

I just love this boy so much.
I am so grateful that God chose to put him in our family and can literally not even imagine my life without him.
His voice is incredible and I can not wait to see how God is going to use that in his life!

Riley Joel.
Ry Ry.
He will answer to any of those names.
And he is my baby.
Will always be my baby boy.
I love you Riley Joel.

You were seven pounds two ounces when you came into this family. And we will never be the same because of it. You made our family complete.
You are my sunshine on a rainy day.
Happy 11th Birthday!


  1. So handsome!! (And ok cute shh!) happy birthday!

  2. I lovvvvve these pictures!!! Such a sweetie, then and now!!!


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