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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Electric blanket for the win.

I grew up in New England.
I am used to cold weather, and I don't even mind shoveling.
I enjoy seeing the beauty of the snow, and when I am feeling especially super-momish, I will even go outside and play in it with the kids.
I own a snowboard and really love falling down hills on it.

But now I live in an old house.
And pretty much, my favorite thing to do is cover up in an electric blanket with a cup of coffee.
I am not exaggerating! It makes it really hard, when you are trying to be all organized and hard working.
Basically, it cuts into my trying-to-get-things-accomplished mode that I am trying to hold on to.
It is also really bad for exercise.
I do own a gym membership, but the thought of getting into a cold car and driving to the gym...ya, you get the idea. In fact, the idea of getting out from under my warm blanket to do a plank or two and maybe even some crunches is pretty much exhausting.
Yes, I just said the thought of it was exhausting.

Electric blanket for the win.

I know.
I'm so inspirational.
Marathon...here we come.
Just let me finish this brownie real quick, and..well, at this point I might as well start on Monday, right?

Anyways. The snow is pretty coming down, and my house is covered with white right now.
Which is great, because it's covering the roof that needs to be fixed so you can't even tell.

It's all about finding the good, people.

Just find the good in the freezing cold snow, dang it!
It's gotta be there somewhere.

I am so thankful I am not sweating hot right now.
That's the worst, right?
And I am so thankful that I don't have to carry an air conditioner upstairs right now!

Alright. That's all I got for now.
Time to get out of the library and go upstairs to my bedroom and get under my electric blanket.

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  1. I love you:) love these pictures~ your pretty snowy house. Spring will come to us one of these days:)


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