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Friday, February 28, 2014

Family Newborn Photography ~ Milford, NH

I love when I get to meet families that remind me of my own.
The Crowley's just welcomed their second little boy to the family, and I personally think there is nothing better than a house full of boys!

Even though sweet baby Oliver pretty much wanted to eat the whole time, we managed to get him asleep for a little while!

Here are a few of my favorite from our session.


  1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for visiting me at littlehouseontheright.blogspot.com. I love these. I especially the one of just the top of the babies head. Sweet details. I read your story. I am part of a ministry called Embrace Grace. I think we have similar loves. Check it out. IEmbraceGrace.com

  2. These are sooo sweet!! He is adorable~


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