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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Family Lifestyle Photography ~ Gray, Maine

Lifestyle photography is where it's at.
I seriously just love the whole entire concept of it.

It is trying to capture and remember where your life is right now...
Exactly the way you see it every day.
Not posed.
No fake smiles.

Just a day in your life.
A day with your kids.
A day at home.

This lifestyle session was filled with baby bottles, toddler toys, and lots of running around!
If you want to see a what a session looks like with an older family, you can check out one that I did here.

I loved having the chance to spend a few hours with this awesome family a couple Saturdays ago.
Their house was filled with natural light, and the kids were so fun to hang out with!

Thank you so much Christin and Jonathan for allowing an invasion of your home!
It was such an honor to get to know your family!

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  1. I love these!! You got some great moments~I love the crayons and toesies!!!


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