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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ain't nothin gonna get me down.

It's been a stressful and very emotionally draining couple of weeks, so I was very thankful to wake up to blue skies and sunshine today!
I was also thankful to wake up to a husband who was joyful and at peace...exactly what I have been praying for him through everything.
And to top it off, there was only 1 inch of water in the basement instead of 4! It's the little things, right?

Ain't nothin gonna get me down!

Since we finally got some warmer weather, I forced the boys to have a picnic lunch.
Ha...It's pretty much like, I-make-the-food-so-you-do-what-I-say kinda deal.
They were good sports even though the sun was super bright!

Two of the best parts of Spring are about to be blooming! Tulips and lilacs - can't wait!

So thankful for a husband who wants to serve God no matter the cost.
And I am also so blessed to have 2 boys who look up to, and respect their dad for that very reason.
It was a good day.
Because God is good. Always.

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