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Monday, April 21, 2014

Mommy Monday ~ When you're so tired

When you are a mom, being tired is basically relative.
It's like...time is not stopping for anyone, and you better just try and keep up!

There are all different kinds of tired.
Right now, at the phase I'm in, not getting a lot of sleep is not where I'm at.
But...I remember it clear as day, oh yes I do.
Getting 5 hours of interrupted sleep for weeks on end became normal and you just went with it!

But then there is physical tiredness, from just running around everywhere.
And there is emotional tiredness (is tiredness a word? Because it's not getting auto-corrected so I am going with it! ha!)

Regardless of the phase of life you are in...whether you are up in the night getting bottles and pacifiers, or if you are running back and forth from this practice, to that event, or dealing with friend issues, and self esteem problems, you have to just get used to the fact this is where you are for a reason.

You have to understand the fact that God is completely aware of your stage of life, and He is right there with you through all of it.

Tonight, as I was limping to my computer at 10:15 to help AJ finish up his paper for school tomorrow morning, Riley looked at me and said - Mom, satan is really testing you right now!

Oh Ry. You are so blunt and straight to the point.
He's right!
It's all a test!
How am I going to respond when I blow a fuse (reason #1047 to NEVER iron!) in our bedroom. Go to Lowe's to get new glass fuses (yep, we are that cool) buy a stellar flash light (that the cashier assures me comes with batteries, because my head hurts so bad I can barely even handle the fluorescent lights) only to find out when you get home that the fuse doesn't fix the problem, (looks like a romantic candlelit evening when Adam gets home from reffing at midnight) the flashlight didn't come with batteries, (of course it didn't.) and my headache hasn't gone away?

Am I going to snap at my kids? (maybe I started to...a little)
Am I going to yell out in frustration (possibly)
Or am I just going to trust.
Trust that God has it all under control. (I am now!)
He made me a mom in the first place and He knows that I can handle what He's given me.

You're a mom!
You don't get a break, but it's ok!
Some people say it's not a rewarding job? But I think it is the most rewarding job!
When AJ walks up to me and hugs me, and Riley tells me he loves me...
it's all I need.

And ya know what?
All you moms reading this? You are shaking your head, because you know!
You know something no one who is not a momma can even comprehend.
Because our kids are gifts...treasures.
The best treasures there could ever be.
And in spite of the craziness of life, you can do it!

I know you can, because you have to! 
And looking at those babies (whether you are rocking them right now, or looking up to them) is all you need to make it all worth it.
All those sleepless nights, those crying fits, those sick days, those stressful moments...
it's all worth it.

So I know. I know what it's like to be tired in every way possible.
But when you're so tired.
Just keep holding on.
The night will end
The morning will come.
The sun will rise.
God will be faithful...
He promises. And He can't go back on His Word!

Keep holding on sweet momma!
Hold on to those treasures with everything you have!
You got this.

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