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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hoping for college scholarships

I have been watching these boys of mine play soccer since they were 2 years old.
The funny thing is, it never ever gets old.
I just love it.
Both boys had tournaments this weekend. AJ's was on Friday where it was a brisk 40 degrees with a  brutal wind chill. Riley's was a little warmer 60 degrees with a strong wind chill.
At AJ's game I was literally sitting on the bleachers shivering. 
At Riley's game I was sitting on the turf soaking in the sun.
So weird, this NH weather!

The boys play indoor during the cold months, and outdoor when it gets nice.
Between both boys schedules, it can get a little crazy...but we're hoping for college scholarships!
Ha! Just kidding...kind of.

And they have to be 2 of the cutest boys you've ever seen on a soccer field!

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