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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

How real is too real?

I really try to be the kind of person who is not easily rattled. Who doesn't have bad, grouchy and unpredictable days.
I am pretty even keeled, and I am mostly in the same mood all the time: crazy, or semi-crazy. ha!

Then there are days that are a little harder.
You can feel it in the pit of your stomach.
You can sense it as you read your Bible in the morning.
There is just something there that has you feeling a little bit unsettled and sad.

It's a feeling, yes. But feelings are all a part of life.
I love when people are real, and that is always, always my intent with my writing.

I like for people to feel like they can connect with me on a real level because I am a real person.

This past week has been a rough week in a lot of ways.
There are some personal issues that I would not share with the entire world (because we all know that pretty much the entire world is reading this right now.) 
And then there are some other things...a car not passing inspection. A leaky kitchen ceiling. A flooded basement. A sick child. Hard decisions to make.

But here's the thing.

It's all about your foundation.

You have to understand that when people tell me they like my "energy" and there is something different about me? When kids at The Porch ask me why I am always smiling?
It literally has nothing to do with me.
It has to do with my foundation.

It was just last night that I was laying in bed waiting for Adam to get home from work and I saw a Bible verse that I have on my dresser.

The Lord will fight for you, and you only have to be silent.

Believe me when I say that only being silent is not what comes naturally to me.
At. All.

Only talking. Only explaining myself. Only sticking up for myself. 
Only ANYTHING else but being silent!

But I understand where my foundation has to be, and where it is.
It is in Christ alone.

The Lord. My God. Will fight for me. I only have to be silent.
He is basically saying to me....
I get it, Rachelle.
I know you have a lot to say. I even know you have a clever way to say it.
But for the love...just shut your mouth. 
Let me. The Creator.
The All powerful one.
The Sovereign Lord.
The Loving Father.
The Faithful Provider.
Let ME fight for you. I'm better at it anyways.
Just be still. Just be quiet.

And I don't think it was any accident that my Bible reading this morning was filled with verses about the importance of keeping your mouth shut.
God knows what this girl needs, people!

So how real is too real?
I hope that you are picking up what I am laying down with my real tonight.
Life is hard sometimes.
Life doesn't make sense a lot of times.

But God? God always makes sense.
Because He is God.
And He is good. Always, always good.
Whether I feel like it or not.

So tonight. I am going to let the Lord fight for me.
That is my foundation.
And I am also cranking up my pandora All Sons & Daughters station 
And THAT is why I am always smiling. And THAT is why I have a good energy.
It is not me.
It is the power of Christ in me. My unwavering foundation.

Just keeping it real, friends. Thanks for being a part of my life.

And as a little nothing-to-do-with-anything side note, my sweet friend Tara took a few head shots of me on my weekend away and I thought she did a pretty great job of making me look semi-normal.
But I know...we all know the truth.

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