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Monday, March 31, 2014

Mommy Monday ~ getting rid of the pacifier

If you came to this post in hopes of finding tips to help your child get rid of his pacifier, you're out of
If you came to this post in hopes of finding another mother like you who believes every child should be done with a pacifier by the age of 1 or maybe never use one at all? Again...you're out of luck.

This post is for all those other moms.
You know who you are.
You feel the disapproving eyes of the people at the grocery store.
You've heard the doctor reprimand you because your 3-year-old still sleeps with a pacifier.
You've even been given the what-for by your own mother or mother-in-law.

Please let me give you a sentence that just very well may give you the freedom you've been searching for:


True that. Am I right?

Look...I can get on a band wagon just as easily as the next guy.
But the bottom line is this. It will not kill your child if they still using a pacifier, even at the age of 4 or 5.
(And if you're gonna start going on your own rampage about the germs or whatever from the pacifier? Can we please talk about every.single.thing in the world that is filled to the brim with germs??)

Ok then.
My boys both had pacifiers until they were four, and they don't have any disease. Their teeth are fine. They can now fall asleep like normal children. And they don't have emotional issues.

There are enough issues that we as moms go through when it comes to not measuring up to other moms, or feeling guilty about how our parenting rates.
We do not need the opinions of everyone else when it comes to something as minor and insignificant as a pacifier, or thumb sucking habit.
Let's focus on the things that really matter...
Raising self-controlled, obedient, loving and respectful children.

So to all the pacifier-loving-mommas out there-
I'm just giving you permission.
I'm giving you permission to relax.
To enjoy this phase of your kids life.
To stop worrying about other peoples opinions.
Ain't nobody got time for that!

You're the mom!
See? Don't you feel better already?

Now get of the computer right now and go search for that stinking pacifier!
(I've clearly been there before!)
You know you're gonna need it in about an hour.
And the next time you're searching in the couch cushions, under the bed, in the trash... Remember.

Time goes by so fast when your babies are little.
Enjoy every phase.
And also? Buy pacifiers in bulk. Totally worth it .

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