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Thursday, March 06, 2014

One. Hard. Choice.

Remember that time you had a really awesome idea?
But then you thought that it was a little too crazy, so you pushed it aside.

Remember when you decided you were going to start running?
But then you got so busy.

Remember when you decided that you were going to start going to church?
But then you chickened out Sunday morning and came up with a good excuse.

Remember when you had that feeling like you should stop hanging around certain people?
But then you felt like you didn't have any other friends that one night, so you kept hanging out with them.

Why do we talk ourselves out of things so easily?
When I have eaten so much I can barely breathe, I am all...
I am never gonna eat bad again!

And then what do ya know? A few hours later when the dessert comes out, I am all...
Well, maybe just this once!

I can go bed at night and be totally confident that I am going to get up the second my alarm goes off and get a huge jump start on the day.
And then my alarm actually does go off. And I hit snooze. And then I hit it again. And again.
You get my point.

The crazy thing is, I am in complete control...if I want to be.
But it takes discipline.
And discipline has to start somewhere.

Discipline has to start with just one hard choice.
Make that first hard choice.

See... what happens when you make that first hard choice, is the second hard choice feels a little easier!
Then the third choice is a little bit easier than the second one.
And before you even realize what is happening you are making all kinds of good choices up in here!

So that really awesome idea? Make a choice to do one thing with it.
That decision to start running? Just run tomorrow.
When you decided you wanted to start going to church? Decide you will go this Sunday.
Those friends you know are bringing you down? Make plans with other friends this weekend.

Just make one hard choice.
You only have to start with one.

Go ahead and do it...you will be so glad you started.

1 comment:

  1. Love this. It is so much easier thinking about just once than being overwhelmed by the whole goal or plan. Inch by inch it's a cinch, right? Love you!!


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