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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Two years ago at this time...

This week has been a little on the chilly side.
This week I have had to layer up in 27 layers to go running.
This week I have walked around my house wrapped up in a blanket.
This week I have worn boots every day of the week.

I am not one to complain or anything.

But two years ago at this time...
This was my blog post.

here are the rest of the pictures of our amazingly, relaxing beach day.

the boys thought it would be fun to play baseball... is that what you call it when you throw a bouncy ball and hit it with a surf board?

i love spending my days with these boys  

Are you kidding me right now?
Why is it still winter when my calendar says it's supposed to be Spring?
Ok...here's hoping next week is a little more promising!

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