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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

My lobster

Today is Adam's birthday.
He doesn't like the thought of getting old, and he constantly reminds me that I am older than him.
Even though he is only a few months younger!

For my boys birthdays, I like to write about what they like doing.
How their personalities are, and how they affect me.
What they like eating and who their favorite friends are.

But...if you've ever wondered about the person who has to put up with someone like me all day.
I thought I would say just a few things about my husband.

He prefers to stay home over going out all the day long.
Pretty much the opposite of me.

He likes watching any sport on tv, but basketball and soccer are his favorites.
He loves bread.
Duh. If you know Adam at all, you know this about him.
He loves carbs and hates fruit and vegetables. (I wonder where Riley gets it!)
His favorite sweets are orange slices, twizzlers and gummy anything.
Also his mom's sugar cookies.

He loves playing soccer and basketball.
He is an amazing dad, and would definitely rather spend time with his family over anyone else.

He loves playing with his nieces and nephew, and they adore him.
He is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met when it comes to knowing his Bible.
And he doesn't stop with just the knowledge part...he lives it out.
He has a loud voice.
He is amazing with kids, and is the best coach (according to many, many parents.)
He is very slow paced. Like. very.
We make an interesting team since I am not so much on the slow side. (I wonder where AJ gets it!)
He loves cheerios and honestly? I think he has had at least one bowl of plain cheerios (name brand only please) every. single. day since we have been married.
No lie.

He is incredible with people and loves to serve.
He makes everyone feel like they are important.
He is an awesome speaker...definitely gifted in that area.
He could not care less about what people think of him.
(I wish I cared a little less, and could learn a lot from him in that area!)
He doesn't think having a nice car is at all important. ha!
He hates spending money on food, and would be happy to never eat out.

His laugh is contagious, and I literally just laughed out loud even thinking about it.

He balances my crazy.
He pushes me and supports me.
He loves me for who I am.
He makes me laugh and I know how lucky I am to have him.
He is my lobster.
And I am so thankful that God gave him to me.

Happy Birthday pumpkin.
haha....Totally would never call him that. At least not with a straight face.


  1. Anonymous9:02 PM

    I laughed out loud when I read the pumpkin part! He IS an awesome man of God. And I know that without your love and support he would not be the man he is today. Thanks for making him bread and keeping cheerios in stock! love both of you, mom c

  2. This was fun:) happy birthday to Adam!:)

  3. Anonymous12:15 PM

    My wife is way too kind! I am a lucky man. :)


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