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Thursday, July 24, 2014

5 big reasons NOT to homeschool

If you live in the good ole North East, summer vacation has literally only been going on for one full week before Walmart decides to whip out the back-to-school supplies and throw them in the front of the store.
I'm all...say what?! Where the sunscreen at?

But since people are already literally talking about going back to school, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. And since people are constantly asking me incredulously how in the world I homeschool, I thought I would give you 5 big reasons not to.

1. You start planning your field trips around your trips to the mall. 
-Can't I catch a break? I mean, is it my fault that there is a science center  and opportunity for many other field trips right next to the mall? Rough life, right?

2. You miss out on all the good gossip going around with all the moms in the public school.
-I mean, really. I don't know how I am possibly going to survive if I don't get all the dirt on everyone! Vaguebooking is just not cutting it for me! I need more, people. 

3. You have complete control over what your kids learn. 
-This can be a little overwhelming. And opening every single ever loving science book in the library only to find out that the world started billions, no wait...millions, no just kidding billions of years ago? It's like...who has time to teach our kids the truth these days! Wouldn't it just be easier to let whatever the teacher happens to believe become your kids truth?

4. You start eating snacks with your kids at snack time and can accidentally gain a few.
-Food was designed for comfort, yes? So your math is a little too hard for you right now? Let's pop a bag of popcorn and look over it. You just aced your geography test? Sweet. Let's celebrate with a giant bowl of ice cream. And that's the whole problem- you're home too much. Around food. And there is just no stopping it. Weight watchers, here we come.

5. You start to get really attached to your kids.
-Seriously. It's pretty much like my kids are my best friends.
In our house? We laugh. A lot.  And honestly, who wants that?

So there you have it. Five solid reasons not to homeschool. Anyone have any more they want to add? 


  1. Oh I LOVE #5...try to tell people this all the time.
    Sad part is they don't believe me :(

  2. im totally gonna try it!;)


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