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Friday, July 11, 2014

My beautiful kitchen ~ Before and After

You remember how pretty my kitchen was when we first bought it?
Here ya go...let me refresh your memory.

Don't worry, I will show you that again in a minute.
I mean, who doesn't love every shade of green in the same room?
I know I do!

I knew I loved the kitchen the second we walked into the house for the first time. I saw potential in spite of that hideousness that we saw.

Here's what we did.

-Bought a new refrigerator
-Painted the walls
-Ripped up the floors to find hard wood underneath
-Put up new back splash
-Painted the cabinets white
-Put in butcher block countertops
-Bought a new faucet

And here is the result.

I literally can not believe it's really my kitchen. Seriously.
I keep walking out and then walking back in just to see it again.
I'm obsessed. Literally obsessed.

So thankful for all the people that have helps make it look this way:
-Kathy for painting
-Bob for putting up the backsplash
-My dad for pulling up the floor
-Zach for putting in the countertop
-Maria and Harriet for painting the cabinets

I am in love with my house and I still can't believe God gave it to us.


  1. Harriet Currier5:30 PM

    What a beautiful result from our team effort! I feel blessed to have contributed my small part! Thanks for including me.

  2. Lovvvvvve love love!!!!!!! So amazing. Totally love these befores and afters:) and so happy I get to see it in person this weekend.


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