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Friday, July 04, 2014

Freedom brings security

Freedom. The power to determine action without restraint.
I can act however I want, say whatever I want and do whatever I want.
But do I lose my freedom when I decide I want to drive over the speed limit? Or injure another person?
Or do you think I am still free?
I am free to do what I want without restraint, unless what I am doing is considered wrong. Right?
Freedom doesn't mean there are no rules.
It just means I have the freedom to do what I want, as long as it does not take away someone else's freedom. Make sense?

When I talk about freedom in Christ, I am referring to the fact that I am free from something.
I am free from the punishment that I deserved.
I am free from being a slave to my sin.
And I am free to something.
I am free to make the choice to obey God.
I am free to make the choice on whether I will be completely miserable or completely happy.
It's amazing really, because freedom in our country is something that we talk about all the time.
And freedom in Christ is something that so many people know nothing about.

It's strange how we can look at our country with its freedoms, with its laws to protect, and with its regulations to live by and be filled with thankfulness.
Yet we can look at life in Christ with its freedoms, with its laws to protect and with its regulations to live by and be filled with disgust and animosity.
How is there a difference?
The only difference is that our country's laws and regulations can sometimes be corrupt. 
Laws can be changed that are absolutely not in the best interest of everyone.
God's laws and regulations are never corrupt.
They are always, always in the best interest of everyone.

Maybe this 4th of July, we should think about the irony of how grateful we might be for our country's freedoms, and how thankless we might be for the freedom offered in Christ.

Freedom in Christ brings joy, it brings peace and it brings satisfaction.

Freedom brings security only when my freedom is being protected.

If someone who hates me has the freedom to kill me, I don't feel protected.
Freedom in Christ brings the ultimate security.
That is why I always feel secure, and I always feel safe. Because I know that when God promises that He loves me, and when He promises to take care of my needs, He will.
He never fails.
He never forsakes.
And He never leaves.
That, right there. Is the ultimate freedom.
Freedom in Christ.

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  1. Love this. And love these pictures!!


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