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Monday, July 07, 2014

Mommy Monday ~ Putting your business and ministry before your kids

I can not tell you how many seminars, classes, workshops and conferences are readily available for photographers.
If I really wanted to, I could be at any one of these every single week.

There is a major push in my industry to always be learning.
To invest in your business.
To invest in yourself.
To push to become better, get more clients and make more money.
To be improving your skill, and to spend a good amount of time in thinking about and planning for success.

I think it's great. I really do.
But I started thinking about the eternal value of my business.
Sure. I pray for my clients. I try and truly inspire my clients to think a little deeper about life and where they are when it comes to their relationship with God.
(There is another post coming this week about how I am not passionate about shooting family photography, so stay tuned for that.)
But at the end of the day, I leave them with images of their family.
And at the end of my kids day? I stand before God and give an answer for how I raised these precious treasures that He lent me.

A little different, yes?

And just in case you think you can get off the hook because your "business" is a ministry?
Let's not forget the same principle.
Sure. When I invest my time into The Porch, and Surge, and ministries at my church it does have eternal value. And I am investing into lives and into something that offers more than a pretty picture in a frame at the end.
But. still.
That should not be a priority over your children and family. Ever.

So my challenge is simple.
When is the last time you invested in a seminar or class for how to improve your skill as a mom?
When have you invested in a workshop or conference that was totally designated to getting your thoughts and your heart towards planning for success for your children?

Maybe it's time we thought a little bit longer, spent a few more hours, perfecting our parenting skills.
Maybe if it's so easy for me to throw down money and a couple days away to make sure my photography skills are improving, I could do at least the same - if not more to make sure my parenting skills are improving.

Just food for thought.
So let's improve together. The investment will be well worth it.

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