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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

What you say when my name comes up

There have been many times in my life when I see a group of people together talking, and I can't help but think - I wonder if they are talking about me.
Not a very pleasant thing to be thinking, for sure, but still. It happens.
I was looking back at some of my past blogs and found this from 3 years ago. 
Here is part of what I wrote back in 2011:

I was sitting a table with 2 of my close friends last night, and a certain girls name came up...
to which we all started saying...I just love her!
She is a girl from our young adult group that I'm pretty sure is closely related to the sunshine itself. She is so full of joy and happiness that she literally glows.

What that made me think of was this...what do people say around their tables when MY name comes up?
And if someone were to start saying...oh I just hate her...would I have an advocate there?

The definition of advocate is "a person who pleads for or in behalf of another; intercessor"
Wouldn't it be nice if we just all had those around?
Someone to stand up for us, and plead and argue for us when people started putting us down?

Then I started thinking about the passages in Scripture where it tells us that if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father...which is Jesus.

Amazing to even think about.

I know that satan is an accuser of christians.
It blows me away to think that satan would start accusing me of things...which would not be hard to findand I have an advocate right there...saying...

oh.. riiiight. 
Yep. I saw her attitude right then too, and YES I saw that look on her face.

wow...she really did blow it.

But. um..ya know what? Everything she has ever done? And everything she will ever DO?
That's covered under the blood. 
you know...when I died on the cross for her?
You got nothing.
Alright...maybe Jesus doesn't actually talk in the tone of voice I just typed, but you get my point.
do fall.  do mess up.
Read the book of Romans. The great apostle Paul had the same struggle...


We have an advocate.

I don't have to live under my own, or anyone else's condemnation.
I am so thankful that Jesus himself, is MY advocate

After I read that post, I was blown away by the realization that no matter what, I have someone defending me. Always.

Let me tell you. Lately? It has not felt that way because people don't always have an understanding of that.

I love this quote:

Satan is an accuser of the brethren. Don't help him out. 

How often can we be guilty of that?
Accusation after accusation.
Did you know that she did this? Did you know that he said that? Can you believe he did this or she didn't do that?
How many times are we accusing people?
The hard part comes when someone's name comes up who we feel deserves to be talked about, or deserves judgment.

Stop working for satan.
Just stop it.
It's time we started calling sin SIN.
It is not a story, it is not a prayer request, it is not my business to be accusing you to any. other. person.

Oh I hope that I can be a faithful friend.
An advocate.
Someone you can trust.
I pray that when you see me talking to another person, you don't have to stop and think...I wonder if she's talking about me.
Because that is not a good feeling in the pit of your stomach.

And I truly hope that when my name comes up?
You aren't accusing me.

Let's be there for each other. 
Let's be working for the right team. 
Let's be advocates, let's plead on behalf of each other.

When someone has a negative thing to say about you?
I want to plead for you. I want to stop the person right then and there and pray for you. 

Especially as believers.
There is never. ever. and excuse to be an accuser.

So when someone has something bad to say about another person? 
Don't turn it into religious nonsense.
Be an advocate.

Don't be deceived by the deceiver. Don't be fooled by the fool himself.
Let's work together and build each other up.

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