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Monday, July 28, 2014

Mommy Monday ~ Vegetables aren't that important

Sometimes life can seem like a big, giant list of things that are too hard for me to do.
And I just can't take it.
Not only do I have to be thinking about how much water I have had to drink and how many fruits and veggies I have gotten in, how much exercise I have done and how much time I have spent on electronics, but nowwwww...I also have to figure out how to do all that for these 2 little humans I'm raising?!
Come on now.
Ain't nobody got time for that!

Add into that mix: how many books they've read, when the last time they've had their nails cut, how much sleep they've gotten, how they test, how they treat other kids their age, how they treat adults, ahhhhhhhh...who has time for all that?!

So basically, here's what I think about it all.

Vegetables aren't that important.

Every night, when I go in to pray over my boys after they fall asleep, I am never all:
sigh. I am so thankful AJ had those cucumbers and peppers today.
And I could not be more proud that Riley ate the corn.

The things that I think about are much, much more important.
The way AJ told me he knows his spiritual gift is service and he just loves to serve.
The way Riley tells me to put the bag down so he can carry it in for me.

It's the things that have to do with my boys character that I am much more concerned about.
Sure, I think I should still think about what they're eating every once in a while, about how they are improving their education, and all those other things.

But what I think is the most important is that they are growing in favor with God and with people.
And so if you are having one of those days (or let's be honest here, one of those weeks, or months or YEARS!) just let it go.
Spend time cultivating the long lasting things that matter:
How they love God. How they love people.

And let the veggies go, dude.
Just let the veggies go.

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