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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

My front porch and some fancy DIY curtains

Pinterest is a time-sucker, no doubt.
But it is super fun to look at what people have done for projects in their house to get inspiration.
So I found this easy, no-sew little project and jumped at the opportunity to be crafty without actually being crafty.

Here's what the porch looked like when we first bought it
This was my porch last summer, right after we had just painted the deck. (Who knew that it would need a new coat every single stinking year?!)

And here is my porch now, with the need for fresh paint, and the very noticeable pollen all over everything which explains why everyone is so stuffed up around here!

I got the pattern for the banner from my crafty sister. ( I used an old shirt for the white fabric!)
The chairs I got for free from a lady from my church and they were lime green with black seats. I spray painted them white and bought the chevron fabric from Hobby Lobby.

The curtains were drop cloths from Lowes, with an electrical conduit pipe that I cut with a pipe cutter, and used for both sides. (If I was really fancy, I would have spray painted the pipe white. But, ya know. Whatevs) The clips were from walmart and so was the ribbon.

The cushions on the bench are from Pottery Barn (they came with the seat which I bought at an antique store)
Everything else was either from a yard sale or an antique store, except for the cute little lanterns which were the favors from Kate and Derek's gorgeous wedding.

And there is my fancy (or not-so-fancy) decorating skills.
Anyone is invited over for coffee on the porch anytime you want!

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  1. I love every single thing about all of this!! You are amazing. Each room and spot of your house should be in a magazine. Love your chairs and banner and curtains. And ah! Wish I was sitting on the porch with you now! xoxo


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