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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sometimes you just need someone to see

Have you ever been in a situation where you just wanted someone to see what you were going through?
You just wanted someone to see. That's all.
Then you feel like it would all be ok.
If someone saw the pain. If someone saw the injustice. If someone saw the struggles.
If someone could just see.

I recently felt like this.
There was an injustice. Something that wasn't fair, something that I just wanted someone to see.
Somehow, I felt like it would make it all better if someone just saw it.

A particular name for God came to my mind... El Roi.
It means this: The God who sees.
Do you get that? 
God sees! He sees.
And He is just. 
He is fair. 
He is good. 
And in those times when it seems like no one sees...it is simply not true.
He is looking for people who are obedient to Him to show himself strong on your behalf.
Why? Because he cares about you.
Amazing and just unreal. 

When there are times it feels like nobody cares. Nobody knows. Nobody sees.
God sees.
And in those times when I just need someone to see? Who better to see than the very God who created me. 
The God who is love. The God who has all power. 

So tonight. If you just need someone to see.
God sees.
He does. Don't let yourself believe otherwise.
He sees. He cares. He knows. And He is in complete control.
El Roi. The God who sees.

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