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Friday, April 05, 2013

dealing with your kids stages and phases without losing your mind

don't talk to me about stages.
(i hate excuses)
don't mention the word phase when you are complaining about your child's behavior.
(i hate cop-outs.)
don't roll your eyes when you see them disobey or talk back or talk sarcastically.

deal with what's in front of you right now.
look at where you are.
deal with the root issue...a little bit at a time.
one step at a time.
one day at a time.
don't let yourself get overwhelmed.

here's a little something that might help you out!

ok. think for a minute about your child and what it is that you have the hardest time with. 
it will be different for each mom, and it will even be different for each child, even in the same family! 
now, stop yourself if you are getting overwhelmed! 
we are trying to think of just ONE thing right now…not every little annoyance. 
start out with any outright disobedience. this will be the easiest to begin with. 
maybe it’s rolling her eyes, maybe it’s hitting his brother. maybe it's talking back.

now, understand something. Satan absolutely, positively does NOT, under any circumstances want you to have control of your children! 
he wants to have control over you and them! 

do not think that the very first day you try to make a plan, you are going to see a 100% change in your child. 
HOWEVER…you have to believe God’s promise in John 15:7 that “If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.” 
what does abide mean? according to the dictionary by Farlex it means:
1. To remain in a place.
                  2. To continue to be sure or firm; endure”
that does not mean that you try it one time and if it doesn’t work, you’re moving on to the next, newest ideas!! 
it means to REMAIN!!! 
you need to find these verses on disciplining your children, write them down, cling to them, and allow them to “remain in a place”…that place being YOU! 
don’t give up and don’t quit! i would recommend that you take on this project with a close friend. decide together to start raising your children the way that God wants you to! 
you will be able to encourage each other when things get tough!

here is a chart i designed that can help you. print it out. put it in a notebook. and use it this week!

What I did
What I should have done
Said no when I told him to set the table Gave him another chance, then disciplined w/ Bible He apologized and set the table. The table is set, and I am less stressed!

then. at the end of the night. forget about everything for a minute...
and hold their hand.
for as long as you can.
hug them tight.
for as long as you can.
snuggle with them. laugh with them. enjoy this day with them.

who knows how many more days we are going to have.
might as well make this one a good one.

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  1. Thank you!!! Definitely need this reminder and encouragement!!


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