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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

trying to make a difference...one teen at a time.

most of you know that adam and i started a not-for-profit organization a few years ago.
we decided that this town we live in, that was crawling with teens, needed a place for kids to hang out.  
a place that was safe.
a place that showed no favoritism.
and a place that showed the love of God.

we saw a building available for rent in the middle of town, and decided to take a step of faith and start renting it out! we searched craigslist and yard sales for couches, tables, games and anything we could think of that would be good for a youth center!

we started slow. 
that first summer, not many kids came in. like, maybe a few each day.
but slowly, we started building relationships.
we started getting to really know the kids and their families. 
and people starting hearing about who we were, what we were doing and starting supporting us!
it has been unbelievable to see the way God has worked. 
sometimes, i forget all the amazing things that have happened, and i really don't ever want to!

everything we do at The Porch is free.
every monday wednesday and friday we open the door at 2:30, and let the kids come in and grab snacks and drinks. 
then they can get on laptops, play pool, ping pong or fooseball. or they can watch espn, play board games or just sit on the couch and talk. 

adam and i are there every day along with a girl from our church, ruthie.
some days we have peter, sarah, and other volunteers who come and interact with the teens.
the first monday of each month we offer a free, full dinner. we have had up to 24 kids stay for dinner. we have people from our church and community cook delicious food for them!
we have a different speaker come each month and share a little bit about their life and how God has made a difference!

we also have different people from our church who pray for the kids. we will give them the first names of some of the kids who come in so they can pray for them specifically.

i can't tell you how much we love this ministry. 
we believe so strongly that obedience to God makes you a stronger person, and we love sharing it.
just today, i had the chance to talk to one boy about the importance of practicing self-control.
i talked to someone else about how God promises to bless you if you honor your parents.
we are just trying to love on these kids and show them that we care while showing them the importance of taking responsibility for their actions!

i would love if you would take the time to go to our website  and consider how you could help us!
we are currently only 60% financially supported. 
we would be honored if you would consider monthly support of this ministry! 
even a one time gift would be a huge blessing.
we are always looking for volunteers! if you are a college student looking for a fun way to spend your time, why not consider volunteering! you can apply here.
we are also always in need of snacks and drinks. 
maybe you're part of a small group that is looking for a way to give back.
maybe your family wants to bake cookies to swing by. 
(or bring a coffee to the workers. wink. wink.)
we would love to have you a part of our team!

if you could take a few minutes to check us out  i would love it.
i know that God has big plans for each and every teenager that walks through our doors.
it honestly blows me away sometimes when i hear the way these kids talk, the attention they are obviously seeking, and some of the things they are going through.
they need love.
that's it. they need someone to care about them. to pay attention to them. and to give advice on how to handle life.
i truly feel honored to be a part of their lives even if it is in a very small way.
i care so much about these kids, and i look forward to seeing them every day! 

we are a really small town. in the middle of a very small state. 
but these kids matter! they matter to us. and they matter to God.
and even though our little organization is little. the God we serve? he is huge.

we have big dreams. we want a bigger building...that we own.
we want to offer more. we want to give scholarships. we want a gym. we want to open a pregnancy center. we want to offer classes and workshops...all for free. 
we believe everyone deserves the same love and attention. no matter how much money they have, what they look like, or how smart they are.

we want to make a difference. 
one teen at a time.
anyone want to join us in sharing God's love?

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  1. Such a great ministry. You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work.


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