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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

little flashback from the last few years

sometimes i like to just look back at where i was in life last year at this time.
and the years even before that.
i love that i have been blogging for so long, because it makes it easy to just go back and reminisce!

here are my babies in the dominican in 2007

and here's some from april 23rd of 2008
you can read more from this day in the blog post here

april of 2009 we were enjoying our trip to disney! you can read about that trip here

 april 8th of 2010 we spent a day in boston and my little chums were cute as ever. here's that post.

may of 2011...you can see here that they were growing like crazy!
but aj still wasn't quite as tall as me!

and here are my favorite pictures from last year that are hanging up as canvases in my bedroom!

so tired today.
so thankful that i have a lot to look back on and see that way God has been blessing my family.
the way he has never left us.
and the way that we have all grown.

just so thankful.
what are you doing tonight?
maybe you should pull out the old photo albums and see what God has done in your life over the years!

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  1. Love looking back at old pictures like this!! This was so fun!!!!


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