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Monday, April 29, 2013

Awana and all that jazz

our church has offered awana  for over 20 years.
it is a pretty amazing program that gives kids the opportunity to memorize tons of scripture.
i mean tons.
i don't know the exact number but it has to be close to 600.
they also have a game time, a Bible teaching time, and are able to earn patches and awards along the way.
the boys worked really hard this year and completed their books.

aj completed the entire program (our church only offers up to the 6th grade)
this means he completed NINE books!

we are so proud of our boys and have seen over and over the benefits of having so much Bible memorized!
even adam, to this day, can remember many verses that he memorized at his church's awana program when he was 10 years old!
pretty awesome!

here are the boys with their listeners.
aj with ethan
and riley with matt.


  1. I LOVE AWANA. These pictures are precious. I only have a few of me with my girls and they are so special.

  2. Awesome job boys!!!!

  3. we've search long and hard for awana near us. i found one three years ago near our house, i went to sign up brayden and they told me they were cutting the program. next closest church was twenty five minutes away. we moved the next year. guess what? we were near the new church! i went to sign up brayden for the next year and they told me they were cutting the program. SERIOUSLY??? now there are NO churches within about forty minutes of us that do it. so disappointing!!


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