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Saturday, April 27, 2013

photography 101 - photoshop creations

if you're anything like me, you love seeing those little wall hangings at marshalls or tjmaxx that have all different sayings, with a variety of fonts.

i see them all the time, and either don't want to spend the money (i am pretty cheap!)
or they just don't have quite the right sayings.

if you have photoshop...you are in luck.
if you don't, you can download a free trial version and get 30 days for free!
if you don't have a variety of fonts already on your computer, there are many different places you can go to snag some.
1001 free fonts, dafont, and font squirrel have some really good ones!

then you can pick your own sayings and make your own little artwork!

you open a new file in photoshop.
make it whatever size you plan on purchasing (in inches not pixels)
then you start creating!

here is one that i made a few months ago with quote i found that i loved

and then right after the boston marathon bombings, i found this Bible verse that i thought was so exactly what was needed so i made this..

you can get creative and use different backgrounds.
i will add this one here, in case you want to use it. 
you can google to find free paper backgrounds and come up with quite a few!

you can use this as the background by going to file. then place. once you do that, it will give you the option to add any pictures from your computer as the background.

once you have used whatever fonts and words you want, you can save it as a jpeg file.
then you can order a print through any company, but i recommend mpix
and you can buy different mountings through them as well which you can see here.
i have bought the foam core and the double weight matboard, and really like both of them!    then you can just hang them up and not even have to buy a frame!

pretty cool stuff! it ends up being much cheaper, and you can custom make it to be the exact colors and fonts that you want.
let me know if you have any questions! i am happy to help!
and show me your masterpieces when you have finished!

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