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Friday, April 12, 2013

hanging out with dreamers...where ya'll at?

get a load of this quote...

keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground.

um. love much?
here's what i have been realizing lately.
while i spend a lot of time...and i mean a lot. encouraging and reminding people (mostly teens) that bad company corrupts good manners. (I Corinthians 15:33)
i think that it is also important to remember the opposite effect of that.

here's what i mean.
when i spend my time with dreamers. with visionaries. with friends who have bold plans...
it has to impact me. 
has to.

i loved the definition of dreamer:

*a person who dreams habitually

do you get that? a person who dreams so much that it becomes a habit! 
i love the idea of that. i am just going to be constantly dreaming. planning. DOING!

here's what happens when you surround yourself with practical, realists.

-you talk 
-you talk about budgets
-you look at your money first, and then decide your plan
-you look at your current surroundings first, and then make your next move
-you do not normally talk in an excited, high energy voice

here's what happens when you surround yourself with "impractical" visionaries.

-you talk...while holding a notebook in your hand
-you don't even care about how much money you currently have
-you look at your dreams and desires first, and then decide your plan
-you look at your vision first, and then decide how you are going to change your current surroundings.
-you find yourself talking in an excited, high energy voice. 
a lot.

now you have to be careful. 
because sometimes, you may not even realize that your friends fit into one category or the other.

you may not even realize that while you once would have considered yourself a dreamer?            you have slowly turned into a realist.

dude. listen.
i have absolutely no guarantee of tomorrow! so...i have decided to make a thought-out decision on who i am going to be spending the majority of my time communicating with!

and you know what i decided?
i want to hang out with dreamers.

i want my homeys to be always talking about their next dream. 
not their last failure.
i want my peeps to be always talking about their next plan for success. 
not their current lack of money or resources.

and so, my amazing readers. 
here's where you come in.
who are you letting influence you the most?
who is on your team, in your group?
who is on your top 10 texting list?
who are you talking to the most?

are they dreamers?
are they influencing you to push harder?
to do more?
to dream bigger?

because you can push harder
you can do more
and you can dream bigger!

when you leave a meeting, are you inspired and amped up to change the world?
or are you reminded of your bleak and hopeless economy?
kind of makes a pretty big difference when you think about it!

i wanna be a dreamer!!!

i am going to keep my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground.

grounded in the truth that i serve a God who NOTHING is impossible with!
there is no dream too big.

where all my dreamers at? i wanna be friends!

~ and just to leave you all with a few pictures, we had the AwEsOmE privilege of seeing lecrae  in concert last night.

it. was. awesome.

(sorry for the bad quality of the pictures. i was so busy jumping around that i only had time for a few quick pictures with my iphone!)

dream big, baby! dream big!


  1. I LOVE your thoughts. Let's dream and see what God will do! I love you! Dad

  2. This is why you and I are going to be friends FOREVER!!

  3. Love this!! So true!!! And so glad you guys had such a great time at that concert!!


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