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Saturday, April 06, 2013

The Lynch Family {Epping, NH Family Photography} Rachelle Chase Photography

i have known kevin...well. i guess ever since he was born.
i grew up with his family and he will always be like a little brother to me.
he and his gorgeous wife deb have 3 adorable little boys.
kevin is going to be deployed to afghanistan for 9 months, and they asked if i would take some family pictures before he left.

kevin...thank you for serving our country.
and deb...i have no idea how you do it! i am praying for strength and wisdom as you train these little boys of yours.
thank you both for letting me be a part of your visit to nh!


  1. These are SO amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally love every single one. Wow. And I love your studio already!!

  2. Nicole Yurek9:53 PM

    The older boys look just.like.kevin...wow! The younger one reminds me so much of a little keith! Great pictures.


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