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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

progress on my new house...a couple before and afters

i'm totally the kind of person that needs things finished.
i mean...when i paint a room? i want to hang all the pictures and position the furniture before the paint is even dry!

so having things move slowly with the house has definitely been a challenge for me!

i don't really like to show pictures until the finished product is ready to be revealed, but i figured i'd be nice. and show you a few.

so. here is riley's room before

 here is his room after

here is aj's room before
here is aj's room after

the boys are pretty thrilled with how everything came out!
riley loves barcelona soccer, so he picked the red and blue stripes.

aj loves the color green, and he loves real madrid soccer.

thank you auntie sarah and uncle dan for the super cool fathead! (riley got one too, but just hasn't put it up yet!)
and thank you to my uncle glenn who has done an amazing job putting in the carpet!

i am one very blessed and happy girl.


  1. So exciting to see it coming together!!

  2. So so so so so so exciting!! I love these before and afters!!!!:) their rooms look amazing!!! Can't wait to see them in person. And with all there stuff in it:) yay yay yay!!!


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