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Friday, April 19, 2013

holding my boys a little tighter tonight

so this past monday we started our morning talking about the boston marathon.
just like we do every patriots day.
our family loves watching all the coverage each year, and we love watching every aspect of it!
we always talk about going into the city to watch it, but haven't yet.
i love running and have run the hartford marathon twice. 
i am absolutely certain that i will run a marathon again, and would love to run the boston.

we did not ever expect such a horrific tragedy to take place on such a family fun, carefree day.
with everything going on the past four days, we have been glued to the tv.
just watching, wondering, praying.
even as i type this, word has just come out that they captured the 2nd suspect in the bombings!
crazy to even comprehend what has happened, and what has been going on.
while we live a little less than an hour from the city, we know people who live closer, and still can't help but feel a little tense realizing the seriousness of it all!

we do not understand why things happen the way that they do, but we know ultimately that this world is not our home. and that God is in control.
it kind of puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

you just never know what tomorrow may bring.
so thankful that my today brings this...

just thankful for what God has given me today.
especially realizing what so many people have lost.
holding my boys a little tighter tonight.

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  1. So true. And definitely so thankful for the things we have today. Like our special boys, and so so much more!! xoxo love those pics!!:)


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