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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mommy Monday ~ Saying yes as much as possible.

Quick and simple today.

There are a lot of decisions that we as parents have to make every single day.
It doesn't matter how old your children are, it's pretty much constant decision making!

Some of the decisions are pretty trivial, and others are a pretty big deal.

I wanted to encourage you to really stop and think about what you are saying yes to and what you are saying no to.
It is so refreshing to be around parents who are laid back and allow their kids to be...well...kids!

As a general rule of thumb, I try to say yes unless there is a real reason to say no.
Here's what I mean.
If your kids want to do something that is kind of annoying like kick the soccer ball and try to score a goal every time it hits a certain spot on the couch?

Ya gotta think it through.
Is it wrong?
Is it going to hurt anything or anyone?
Is it going to create fun for them?
Ok then. Yes it is!

I think it is too easy to be uptight and not allow kids to do things that we think are irritating, messy or loud to US as adults.
But really don't cause any real problem for them as kids.

There are so so many things we have to say no to for reasons that are contrary to the Bible.
So we may as well just let our kids have fun doing things that don't really matter.

I was thinking this same thing with basic decisions we as parents have to make that I mentioned in my post about AJ turning 13. 
I got a lot of responses from different people about the fact that I mentioned how I never regretted holding him all the time when he was a baby.
People can get so uptight about things like pacifiers, bottles, holding your babies, putting them in the nursery at church, letting them sleep in your bed and a million other little things.

I have yet to meet a mother in her 60's who looks back on her life that has flown by and says....
ya know. If I could change one thing. I think I would have held my baby less.
Or I really regret letting her have a pacifier until she was 4.
Or man, I wish that I had never let him come in bed with me.

Life does not work that way, people!
If anything, the opposite is true! I have heard many moms say how much they miss holding their babies! How much they miss the pacifier days and the mornings they wake up with their 2-year-old in bed with them!

I think it would do all of us quite a bit of good if we were less uptight.
Less concerned about things that make a mess.
Less concerned about things that are noisy and annoying.
Less concerned about decisions that don't have a long term negative impact on our kids lives.

Just say yes.
Say yes as much as possible.

Obviously, when it comes to giving in, giving them their way because they're whining or saying yes out of frustration...that is a different story, and that is for a different post! ha!
Be in control, but just relax a little!

Just be that mom. You know the one I'm talking about.
The one who is so involved in her kids lives and so not stressed about other things, that popcorn all over the carpet, soccer balls kicking against the wall, pacifier sucking children and bottle holding toddlers doesn't even phase you.

Just let it all go.
Enjoy your life today. Exactly how it is.
Don't say no unless you have to.
Don't say no just because you don't like the noise, the mess or the dirty looks from other (rude) moms.

Let it go and enjoy your life today.

Just say yes as much as possible!

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  1. This is good!! Such good advice.


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