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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday's shout out to my homeslices

It's Thursday.
Ya know, the day that's not really that exciting. It's kind of just...a day.
It doesn't start the week. Doesn't end the week, and doesn't throw a party for being in the middle.
It just kind of is.

So today I am trying to be thankful for all the simple, seemingly unimportant things in my life.
It's so easy to be negative. To complain. To mope around.
But it's so much better to be positive. To speak thankfulness. To hop around.
Ok, maybe not hop. But then again, maybe I should just try it and see what happens!

I am thankful for so so many things, but today in particular...
I am so thankful for the friends God has blessed me with.
I know. I know. It sounds so cliche. But seriously.
There are so many godly women that God has put in my life that I honestly can't even believe that it's real. After all my ridiculous experiences with hurt after hurt after backstabbing after backstabbing.
I thought, well. It's ok. I don't actually need to have friends.
And after going back and reading that post? I still can't believe what God has done for me!
Instead of Him saying...you don't need anyone.
He said - oh, here ya go! Here is literally more girlfriends than you can imagine. Who are going to love you. Who are going to be trustworthy. And who are going to help you get through so many days.

And He didn't have to!
But He did.
He's so fly.
I know. Sometimes I call God fly. But seriously. He is, right?!

So even though it's scary to try and give a shout out for fear that I will most definitely forget a name or 2 or 10...here's my little shout out.

Thank you to my family (who is pretty much stuck with me anyways!)
Angie, Joni, Beth, Tara, Kristin U, Ruthie, Gabrielle, Andrea, Marie, Deb, Tracy, Stace, Bekah, Katie, Christin, Brandy, Kristin W, Crystal, Rae Rae, Anna.
- dudes. I am not just making these names up!
These are literally people that I know I could call at any time of day or night and they would drop anything and be there for me.
Can you believe it?!?! And ya know what else?
There are a ton of other names of people I know would be there for me, but these are just like my main peeps who I text a lot and who encourage me and pray for me, and just ya.
Thankful Thursday. (lame brains) but seriously.
It just so happens to be Thursday and I just so happen to be thankful.

What does your list of home slices look like?
Is it a little low?
It's ok! Mine was super low not that long ago!
God can restore, and He can fill you all the way right up to the brim with a whole slew of peeps.

And just for no other reason except for the fact that my mind is fried and my eyes are blazing from staring at this computer screen editing for the last 20 hours, and I named this post random...

Here is a picture of AJ.

Riley isn't feeling good, so I thought I would be a nice mom and let him pass on the picture-taking.
Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. thankful thursday, i like that:) so thankful for all your homslices!:) and i LOVVVE that picture of aj!!! hope ry is feeling better soon!!:(


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