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Thursday, May 01, 2014

My AJ turns 13

Every year I think I start out with...how did this happen?
How did my baby grow so much. So fast.

But seriously. How did this happen?

We officially have a teenager in the house and I can hardly even believe it when I see it typed out.

If you know AJ at all, you love him.
You just have to. There is nothing not to love.

I remember a few months ago when his seacoast soccer team had a tournament on Sunday. We couldn't go to the first one because of church, but were able to go to the second game.
As soon as we got there, all of the 12 and 13-year-old boys ran over yelling "AJ!" and put their arms around him.
His coach looked at us and said...I guess you can see the team kind of loves AJ!

I may have teared up. Just a little.

AJ came into this world in a scary and miraculous way, and he literally changed our lives in an instant!

He quickly learned that any time he as much as made a peep, momma would pick him up and hold him until he stopped. I'm not joking. I held him constantly. And if I wasn't holding him? Someone was.
And I did it without complaining.
As much as "they" try and tell you that you should let your baby cry it out, and you should not hold him every time he cries, I do not regret holding him so much when he was a baby.
Not for one second.

He had big blue eyes and curly blond hair, that I hated the thought of cutting!

 Finally, one day after 4 people had told me what an adorable little girl I had, we cut it.

 He showed us his ridiculously athletic ability one day when he was 3 years old and started hitting a tennis ball against the side of the house about 20 times in a row. (after never having held a racket!)
He always loved hugs and still does.
He has always been off the charts for his height, and is currently 6 inches taller than me.

He has amazing cousins and aunts and uncles and he loves spending time with all of them.

He has been on missions trips to Canada, Haiti and the Dominican Republic and has a very sensitive heart for missions.

He loves soccer the best, but is also really good at basketball and I totally LOVE watching him play.
This boy has got some mad skills.

 He has gone through surgery.

He is an amazing big brother and honestly gets along great with Ry almost all the time.

We had to wake him up at 5:15 on his birthday since we had the sunrise service. So I figured if you have to wake up at the stinking crack of dawn, you might as well wake up to balloons.  You agree?

AJ has joked with me for months now that as soon as he turned into a teenager, he was going to stop talking to me, and hating his parents.
He made sure to give me a huge hug as soon as he got up to make sure I knew how much he was joking.

He is wise beyond his years. Truly. He has such a caring and merciful heart.
I could most definitely write forever and ever about the positive qualities AJ has.
He laughs loudly. Just like both his parents.
He is obsessed with sports of all kinds and knows a ridiculous amount of players names and stats.
He is a perfectionist.
He loves him some ice cream.
He loves just about all fruits and vegetables and would sometimes choose them over desserts.
He is really good with little kids, and all his younger cousins adore him.
He is very knowledgable in his Bible.
He loves reading.
He is quick to apologize when he has done something wrong.
He moves rather slowly...like his daddy.
He loves serving.
He surprises you with his crazy sense of humor.
He makes the best kind of friend.

I literally can not believe I have a teenager.
This boy, who made me a momma, continues to make me proud every day.

AJ. My sweet, sweet AJ.
I am so incredibly proud of you.
You are an inspiration to everyone who knows you and I love everything about you.
I love being your mom.

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